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Welcome to Billund Airport

Your guide to airport information services at Billund Airport - We offer information on hotels, rental cars, airport facilities, parking, transportation, maps, and other services for your arrival to Billund Airport.

Billund Airport
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Billund Airport Information

There are a number of parking spaces reserved for handicapped drivers in the parking house and P2 and P3 of the car parks, all these places are closest to the terminal.

The Terminal
We have a three-story terminal with easy access by elevators to all levels, and facilities for handicapped travelers, including travelers in wheelchairs. There are toilets for wheelchair users in all areas of the terminal.

As a wheelchair user, you may borrow a free wheelchair in the airport, which can be used from the check-in through to boarding the aircraft.

If you need assistance to or from the aircraft, you are kindly asked to notify the airline when buying the ticket. By doing so, you are assured assistance when you arrive at the airport. Please mentione this to the personal when checking in. To assist handicapped travellers board or disembark the aircraft Billund Airport supplies a special handicap lift, a cabin, with space for six to seven persons in wheelchairs at the same time.

Private Assistant
It is possible for your own private assistant to accompany you through check-in, security, and the departure area right to the gate. Your assistant must have an admission card, obtainable from the check-in counter.

King Amlet Lounge
King Amlet Lounge is a tastefully furnished lounge with facilities to make the waiting time until the flight departure agreeable and effective for a traveller in Economy Class. You will find King Amlet Lounge via the staircase or lift in the departure area see the terminal plan, Lounges/Meetings. King Amlet Lounge is open Monday to Friday and Sunday 0600-1905, Saturday 0600-1245.

Baggage allowance varies considerably from airline to airline. Ask your travel agent for the specific rules concerning a particular flight.

In general, a traveler in Economy Class is allowed to take 20 kilograms of luggage and one piece of hand luggage of max 8 kilograms for free, while a traveler on Business Class may take 30 kilograms of luggage and one piece of hand luggage of max 8 kilograms for free.

The hand luggage must be kept within these measurements: 45X35X20 centimetres.

Most airlines flying to the American Continent allow travelers to carry 2 pieces of luggage of 32 kilograms each. As a rule, you must pay extra if you travel with sports equipment such as a golf bag, a bicycle, a windsurf board, diving equipment. The charges vary from one airline to the other.

Airport Facts

Billund Airport in co-operation with the exhibition centre in Herning, offer direct coach services from Billund Airport to the fairgrounds in connection with the three major exhibitions taking place there this autumn.

Cassiopeia Lounge
Cassiopeia Lounge is a tastefully furnished lounge with facilities to make the waiting time until the flight departure agreeable for passengers with a Priority Pass. Cassiopeia Lounge is situated with entrance from the balcony in the departure area, see the terminal plan, Lounges/Meetings. Cassiopeia Lounge is open Monday to Friday 0600-1800.

You and your luggage can at the earliest be checked-in 24 hours before departure, and you will not be allowed into the departure hall earlier than six hours before departure.

Opening Hours
The Cumulus Restaurant in the main Hall opens in good time before check-in starts in the morning, irrespective of the departure time of the aircraft, and normally closes at 1800 local time. Café Cirrus and the Capella Bar in the international Departure Hall stay open while there are passengers waiting for departure.

The currency exchange office is open Monday to Friday and Sunday 06.00 to 18.00 and Saturday 06.00 to 14.00. The exchange office will also be open in connection with international departures immediately before and after these hours.

If you are flying internationally, you will be asked for identification at the check-in counter. In many countries the only valid means of identification is the passport. Please remember to bring it along, whenever you are travelling internationally.

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