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Welcome to Kaunas Airport

Your guide to airport information services at Kaunas Airport - We offer information on hotels, rental cars, airport facilities, parking, transportation, maps, and other services for your arrival to Kaunas Airport.

Kaunas Airport
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Kaunas Airport Information

The roots of Kaunas aviation history can be traced back to the beginning of the 20 th century. The Department of Lithuanian Military Aviation was established at Aleksotas aerodrome in 1919.

In 1922 German- Russian airline "Deruluft" started to operate flight Koenigsberg - Kaunas - Velikie Luki - Moscow.

An airstation, designed to service local airlines, was built in 1930 at Kaunas Aleksotas aerodrome.

In 1932-1937 "Deruluft" operated flight Berlin - Koenigsberg - Kaunas - Velikie Luki - Moscow.

Due to the development of Kaunas city, Aleksotas aerodrome could not meet the increased demand of civil aviation market any longer. Moreover, the prospects for future long-term development at Aleksotas aerodrome came to an end. Therefore, a modern Kaunas Airport started its operations in 1988 in Karmelava, Kaunas district.

Airport Facts

  • Kaunas airport is technically the most universal airport in Lithuania. 3250 m. long runway enables us to accept any type of aircraft without any restrictions to its MTOW.

  • Ideal geographic location enables:

  • to reach the airport in 2 hour drive from any region of Lithuania,

  • to transport transit cargo in various directions by the help of various transport means.

  • 1,72 mln. people live in Kaunas airport catchment area.

  • The airlines are free to choose convenient timing for their flights thanks to the fact that our airport is not slot coordinated.

  • High quality and fast handling of aircrafts, passengers and cargo. We are ready to handle passenger aircraft in 25 minutes.

  • Long-lasting experience in air cargo transportation.

  • Technical facilities allow loading and unloading any type of aircraft regardless to the size and condition of the cargo.

  • Favourable charges for airport services, flexible discount and payment system.

  • The direction of the runway corresponds to the dominant direction of the wind.

  • Modern VIP facility is offered to all the clients, who request exceptional service.

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