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The airports of Nida and Klaipeda are of region importance. Comfortable gliding conditions and especially nice views attract lots of gliders and pilots for air tourism. Services that help people to travel by sea, air and land makes Klaipeda and Palanga a perfect congress centre for various meetings, conferences and holidays, keeping in mind that this centre is located at the crossroad between Oslo- Minsk and Berlin-St Petersburg.

  • Airlines offering regular flights
    Regular scheduled flights from Palanga Airport are operated by foreign airlines SAS and Avitrans, and two local carriers: Air Lithuania and Lithuanian Airlines. The new local airline AmberAir is starting its activities at Palanga airport and opens direct flights to Hamburg in 23 June of this year.
  • Destinations
    The main regular flights destinations during the summer season are as follows: Billund, Copenhagen (Denmark), Stockholm, Ronneby, (Sweden), Oslo (Norway), Hamburg, Berlin, Frankfurt-on-Main, Hanover (Germany). In this summer season Air Lithuania plans to open flights to Stuttgart (germany) and Moscow (Russia). During the winter season regular flights are scheduled to Copenhagen, Billund, Oslo, Stockholm, Ronneby, and Hamburg. Relating to good connecting flights from Palanga with SAS and Air Lithuania it is easy to reach a lot of other cities in Europe via Copenhagen, Oslo or Billund.
  • Representational information
    Palanga International Airport is a small regional airport located in the west part of Lithuania, near the Baltic Sea. Airport infrastructure allows to handle the aircraft of medium and small sizes: BOEING - 737, SAAB-2000, SAAB-340, CRJ 200, Jetstream-32, ATR-42, YK-42 end so on. Since 1993 number of passengers has been increasing annually. After the Lithuania becomes a member of EU the amount of handled passengers in 2004 increased more than 60 % in comparison with 2003.

Nowadays Palanga airport is the second largest airport in Lithuania in terms of handled passenger numbers. Over 200 employees are engaged in the airport facilities.

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