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Welcome to Samos Intl Airport

Your guide to airport information services at Samos International Airport SMI - We offer information on hotels, rental cars, airport facilities, parking, transportation, maps, and other services for your arrival to Samos International Airport SMI.

Samos International Airport SMI
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Samos Intl Airport SMI Information

Samos Airport, Other Islands, 831 00 Samos
Tel: +30 (2273) 06.1067,
+30 (2273) 06.1555, +30 (2273) 06.1222
Fax: +30 (2273) 06.2391

Airport Data: Position 37°41´24"N, 026°54´42"E, Elevation 6m (19ft).

Airfield Data
Navigational Aids: VOR-DME, NDB
Runway 1: Heading 09/27, 2,030m (6,660ft), 35/F/D/X/T, No ILS.

Airport Facts

Fundamental role in the growth of air transportation and tourism in our country has undeniably the Service of Hellenic Civil Aviation. The procedures of H.C.A.A are based on the international rules expressed by the international Organism of Civil Aviation (ICAO). It provides guarantee for the safety of flights and for the national interests. The construction of however airport contributes stills more in the economic growth of place mainly if this place belongs in islander cluster.

The airport serves also sanitary flights. The personnel is activated immediately to serve flights of EKAV or other insurance companies to transfer patients inside Greece as well outside, independently of airport operation schedule.

Also, it serves fire fighting aircrafts contributing in the fire safety of island forests. During the summer period (April - October) there are always available two manned fire fighting aircrafts of military aviation in a specifically shaped place. So, all the necessary material is immediately available for the fires extinguishments.

Hellenic Civil Aviation finances the cost of necessary big or smaller works of the airport, as well the necessary material for the airport operation. These works and the supply of maintenance and installations material are materialized first by local enterprises contributing with this way in the reinforcement and growth of local market.


The airport handles 500,000 passengers per year according to the statistics with a scope for increasing the next years.

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