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Welcome to Santiago de Compostela Airport

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Santiago de Compostela Airport
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Santiago de Compostela Airport Information

Santiago Airport plays a vital role in the development of the region's economy. For this reason, plans have been drawn up for a series of actions to be carried out up to the year 2015 as a means of boosting the development of the airport.

The airport is classified for civil and military use in accordance with Royal Decree 1167/1995 of 7 July on the regulations pertaining to aerodromes serving jointly as air bases and airports or as air bases open to civil traffic. Aena and the Spanish Ministry of Defence currently share ownership of the land.

The passenger terminal was completed in August 1969 but has since been expanded in 1976, 1982 and 1993. The building is used for both domestic and international scheduled and charter flights as well as for general aviation purposes.

At present the airport has a single runway with its corresponding safety strip, a parallel taxiway and four rapid exit taxiways. The apron has 10 aircraft stands as well as a specific area for general aviation.

On 19 March 2001 the airport was awarded the ISO 9001/2000 distinction, which recognises the high quality of the services provided for users. Lavacolla and Malaga Airport were the first Aena airports to receive this distinction.

In 2003 the airport handled a total 1,381,826 passengers distributed over the 18,449 aircraft movements recorded.

Most of the traffic is scheduled and domestic, accounting for over 85 per cent of the total. There is also a certain amount of international charter traffic, mainly during holiday seasons, associated with the city's character as a tourism destination. The most popular destination amongst the scheduled domestic flights is Madrid, followed by Barcelona, Tenerife Sur and Palma de Mallorca.

Airport Facts

In October 1932, a group of aeronautics enthusiasts decided to set up a flying club in Santiago de Compostela. On 28th December, the first board of directors was formed, which two years later would select the land for the establishment of an aerodrome in the area called Crucero Bonito, in the municipality of Lavacolla.

The first works, at the beginning of 1935, involved earthworks to level and flatten the three landing zones, forming a triangle of runways measuring 1,100 by 200 metres, 950 by 150 metres and 600 by 125 metres.

Despite the military nature acquired by the Lavacolla aerodrome at the beginning of the civil war, in February 1937 an Airport Board was created to promote a connection by air to the city. Scheduled commercial services commenced on 27 September 1937 with the Santiago-Salamanca-Valladolid-Zaragoza route.

Provisional opening to international and domestic civilian traffic, with commercial traffic refuelling stops, took place on 30th June 1947. A simple wooden cabin served for passengers to take shelter from the rain. In the summer of 1948, asphalting works were commenced on 1450 metres of the North-South runway.

The tread runway and parking were built between 1953 and 1954, when a communications centre was erected and an omnidirectional radio beacon was installed to improve navigational aids.

In 1958, the airport runway lights were put into service. A portable ILS locator was installed at departure point 35 and a radio beacon placed at number 17. The power plant was built in the spring of the same year. In 1961, VOR equipment was installed and at the end of this year the airport became considered as a second category airport.

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