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Welcome to Saint John Airport

Your guide to airport information services at Saint John Airport - We offer information on hotels, rental cars, airport facilities, parking, transportation, maps, and other services for your arrival to Saint John Airport.

Saint John Airport
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Transportation Costs
Taxi costs from the Airport to Uptown Saint John are in the $30 range for a single person and limousine services range from $34 - $75. For a complete listing of taxis and limousine companies click here.

The Saint John Airport offers Pay & Display parking at a rate of $1.50 per hour. Long Term Parking is also available for travelers at $1.50 an hour as well, with a daily maximum of $8.00. Prices include taxes.

Customs general office can be reached by phoning (506) 636-3517, or you may reach CANPASS by phoning (888) 226-7277.

Immigration Canada officials may be reached by phoning (888) 242-2100.

Airport Restaurant
The Airport Restaurant is open between the hours of 5:00 AM and 6:00 PM.

Before you fly
Label your luggage. Do not use your home address or business title. Luggage tags with flaps that hide your name and address are a smart idea. These steps will help protect your anonymity and thwart would-be thieves.

Make an inventory of luggage contents and place it in your ticket jacket.

Pack lightly. Travel with as little baggage as possible. Check with your airline to confirm how much you can bring.

Limit your carry-on baggage. If you don't think you're going to need it on the flight, pack it in your checked baggage.

Make photocopies of your photo ID and your credit cards.

Leave a copy with a trusted relative or friend at home.

Leave a copy of contact names and your itinerary both at home and at work.

Verify your ticket and check with the airline before you leave home to make sure that there haven't been any changes to the flight schedule.

Be aware of airport security procedures. Call or check the Web sites of the airports you are travelling from and to or speak to your airline.

Wear comfortable, practical and appropriate footwear (e.g., flat shoes), and wear appropriate clothing - sandals, t-shirts and shorts won't keep you warm if you have to exit the plane in the cold.

Airport Facts

Saint John Airport (ICAO CYSJ, IATA YSJ) is an airport in Saint John, New Brunswick.

Part of the National Airports System, it is owned by Transport Canada and operated by Saint John Airport Inc.

Saint John Airport was officially opened on 1952-01-08, although several aircraft -- including at least one scheduled flight -- had already landed at the airport by then.

Airlines and Nonstop Destinations

  • Air Canada
  • Air Canada Jazz (Montreal, Toronto)
  • Air Canada Jazz operated by Air Georgian (Halifax)

Taken directly from the Saint John Airport website The Department of Transport agreed to construct a new airport which would be operated and maintained by The City of Saint John. The agreement was signed on March 20, 1950, but the actual construction began in March 1949. One year later runway 05-23 was completed measuring 5500 feet long and 200 feet wide. Soon after, runway 14-32 was completed measuring 5100 feet long.

The first aircraft to land was actually during construction on runway 05-23. Pilot James Wade landed his Cessna plane on a rough gravel surface. His passengers included Senator Riley and V.I.P.'S. In February of 1950, the first night landing was made by an RCAF Dakota. The actual first scheduled flight to the new Saint John Airport was a Maritime Central Airways DC-3 piloted by Captain Jones of Apohaqui, N.B. on August 11, 1951. The terminal building started construction in 1951 and a mobile ticket unit was used during construction. The official opening of the airport was the same day the Air Terminal Building was opened, January 8, 1952. The facility came to be known as the Turnbull Airfield. Mr. W.R. Turnbull of Rothesay, N.B. was a pioneer in the aeronautical research and invention fields.

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