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Welcome to Seattle Tacoma Intl Airport

Your guide to airport information services at Seattle Tacoma International Airport - We offer information on hotels, rental cars, airport facilities, parking, transportation, maps, and other services for your arrival to Seattle Tacoma International Airport.

Seattle Tacoma International Airport
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Seattle Tacoma Intl Airport Information

We encourage you to drive in groups or take advantage of shuttles, buses, public transit and taxis whenever possible. And it's always a good idea to check on the flow of traffic around Puget Sound before getting on the road.

In addition, our automated parking payment system helps you get out of the airport more quickly.

The airport drives are for passenger drop off and pick up only. Parking on the drives is not allowed. Traffic is growing at Sea-Tac and can come to a dead stop when a car blocks the drive. Unattended cars are also a serious safety hazard. If you need to go inside the airport, even for a short time, use hourly parking.

If you leave your car on either the upper (ticketing level) or lower (baggage claim level) drive, your vehicle will be towed. The towing fee is $150 with an additional $20 parking ticket. Even if you rescue your vehicle from the tow truck's clutches before it drives away, you will be charged the full $150 fee and given a $20 parking ticket.

For hotels offering parking packages,

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