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Welcome to Nagasaki Airport

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Nagasaki Airport
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Nagasaki Airport Information

Nagasaki airport was established in 1975 as the world's first offshore airport that built on a landfill island of Minoshima in Omura bay at the center of Nagasaki Prefecture.

Minoshima is a small island in Omura bay of 13 households and 66 people with an area of about 900,000m2 and 7km in wide. Airport construction started in 1972 upon the removal agreement of island residents. Spend 180 billion yen and 3 years on construction, and about 154m2 of site was created. Moreover, built the 970 m total length of the Minoshima Bridge to connect the Minoshima mainland.

Air services at the new airport started on May 1st, 1975 as the second level airport with the glide slope of 2,500m (60m wide). At the same time, the airport also renamed as the ?Nagasaki Airport?, and placed the jet aircraft in Tokyo, Osaka service. Moreover, started the regular flight service between China (Shanghai) in September, 1979 and it was the first step as the international airport. After the extension of 3,000m glide slope, and the extension of international and domestic terminal, Nagasaki airport is continued right up to now.

Airport Facts

Nagasaki Airport is an international airport located on an island, part of the city of Omura, Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan.

Although Nagasaki is superficially similar to Japan's other island airports, Kansai, Kobe, and Chubu, Nagasaki's island existed (in a radically different shape) before the airport was constructed. Constructing the airport required flattening the island's hills and forming landfill around its shore, expanding it from 900 km² to 1,540 km². The airport opened on May 1, 1975.

Airlines and destinations

  • All Nippon Airways (Chubu, Okinawa, Osaka Itami, Tokyo Haneda)
  • China Eastern Airlines (Shanghai)
  • Japan Airlines (Nagoya, Osaka Itami, Tokyo Haneda)
  • Japan Air Commuter (Miyazaki)
  • Korean Air (Seoul Incheon)
  • Oriental Air Bridge (Goto-Fukue, Iki, Kagoshima, Kamigoto, Ojika, Tsushima)

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