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Welcome to Tokyo Narita Intl Airport

Your guide to airport information services at Tokyo Narita International Airport - We offer information on hotels, rental cars, airport facilities, parking, transportation, maps, and other services for your arrival to Tokyo Narita International Airport.

Tokyo Narita International Airport
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Tokyo Narita Intl Airport Information

Tel: (AIS) +81 (0)476 32-6416, +81 (0)476 34-5038, (OPS) +81 (0)476 32-6410, +81 (0)476 32-6422, (TIAA) +81 (0)476 30-2012
Fax: +81 (0)476 34-5037, +81 (0)476 30-1571
Manager: Ken Murayama
Manager: Makoto Hagiwara
Senior Director Int´l Affairs: Masahiro Mike Gamo
Manager: Yoshihito Shintori
Operator: Narita Airport Authority

Airport Data: International, Narita 7km (4miles), Position 35°45´50"N, 140°23´28"E, Elevation 41m (134ft), Operating hours 24 hours (curfew times 23:00-06:00), 2 Passenger Terminals.

Airfield Data: Fire Category 9 Emergency Services: First Aid treatment, ambulance; hospitals in Narita city Noise Restrictions: time restrictions on dept & Arrival, noise abatement procedures Aircraft Maintenance: Japan Airlines Co Ltd Runway 1: Heading 16R/34L, 4,000m (13,123ft), 140/F/C/X/T, ICAO Cat. 4E, Aircraft size max: B747-400, Lighting: Precision approach category II lighting system, Rwy 16R, ILS CAT III, Rwy 34L, ILS CAT I

Cargo Facilities: Capacity 2,000,000tonnes (4,409,200,000lbs), Warehouse 149,000m² (1,603,822sq ft), 98x 747 Freighter Docks, Bonded Warehouse, Transit Zone, Mechanical Handling, Refrigerated Storage, Deep Freeze Storage, Animal Quarantine, Fresh Meat Inspection, Livestock Handling, Health Officials, X-Ray Equipment, Security for Valuables, Fumigation Equipment, Dangerous Goods, Radioactive Goods, Very Large/Heavy Cargo, Express/Courier Centre, Air Cargo City Terminal (Downtown), Handling Equipment: All modern facilities.

Customs Tel: +81 (0)476 34-2128Fax: +81 (0)476 34-2130 Op. Hours: 24 hours.

Passenger Facilities: 280 check-in desks, 112 gates, 49 airbridges, 2,900 short term parking spaces, 1 Airport Hotel, Min. Connection Times Intl-Intl: 60mins, Dom-Intl: 110mins, Dom-Dom: 30mins, Post Office, Bank, Bureau de Change, Restaurants, Cafeterias, Bars, VIP Lounge, Duty Free Shop, Newsagent/Tobacconist, Chemist Shop, Gift Shop, Travel Agent, Tourist Help Desk, Car Rental, Taxi Service/Rank, First Aid, Baby/Parent Room, Disabled Access/Facilities, Business Centre.

Additional Information: Passenger Terminal 1 is under reconstruction at time of publication.

Airport Facts

Narita International Airport is an international airport located in Narita, Chiba, Japan, in the eastern portion of the Greater Tokyo Area.

Narita handles the majority of international passenger traffic to and from Japan, and is also a major connecting point for air traffic between Asia and the Americas. It is the second-busiest passenger airport in Japan, busiest air freight hub in Japan, and third-busiest air freight hub in the world. It serves as the main international hub of Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airways, and as an Asian regional hub for Northwest Airlines and United Airlines. Under Japanese law, it is classified as a first class airport.

The airport was known as New Tokyo International Airport until 2004. While Tokyo is the source of much of Narita Airport's traffic, the airport is located far from central Tokyo (1 hour by the fastest train) and in a different prefecture. Tokyo International Airport (Haneda Airport), located in Tokyo proper, is the busiest airport in Japan and the fourth-busiest in the world, even though it handles very little international traffic.

Terminals and airlines

Passport control, Terminal 2 Narita Airport has two separate terminals with separate underground train stations. The only connection between the terminals is by shuttle bus (buses are available both inside and outside the security area): there is no pedestrian connection.

The three major airline alliances are currently divided across the two terminals. Following the completion of renovations in Terminal 1 in 2006, several airlines will move so that SkyTeam is concentrated in the North Wing of Terminal 1, Star Alliance is concentrated in the South Wing, and oneworld is concentrated in Terminal 2.

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